Is now the time to buy, you betcha!

I think it's fair to say the housing market has bottomed out and both home prices and interest rates are on the rise. I'm glad that more renters have decided to stop paying someone else's mortgage and have joined the millions of homeowners.

The Home Buying Process

As you begin to think about buying a home, you're probably acutely aware that this is likely to be your greatest investment ever (short of children or a good marriage), and you might be wondering if there's anything you really need to know as you go into this process. There sure is.

Get pre-qualified

Do you have a lender? I mean someone that you can call directly on the phone without having to go through three extensions, and once you get through you end up having to leave a message in hopes you'll get a return call? Search no further. Call Brian direct and get qualified over the phone in 15 minutes or less or visit Brian at and fill out  pre-qualification online

Searching for a home

That's where I come in. Share with me what you're looking for in a new home and I'll set up a search that will provide you with only active listings from the Multiple Listing Service, or commonly referred to as the MLS. Most national websites and real estate brokerage sites have outdated listings so don't waste your time. In today's market, good homes don't last.

Let's go take a look 

Okay, so now you have a list of homes you want to see. I'll take the time to discuss each home with you and answer any questions you may have to make sure they're a fit.

Making an offer

Congratulations,  we've now found a home that's just right. What next? Time to make an offer...but how do I do that? Together, we will look at past sales (typically 6 months) of comparable properties to get an idea of what homes are selling for in the community, look at existing sales and some other factors before writing up an offer.

Hurray, they accepted my offer, what next?

Time for us to get to work. You'll want to get with your lender to start the loan process, get a home inspection, an appraisal, and secure a home owner's insurance policy. I'll help you with each one of these, and more importantly, I'll be with you every step of the way to answer any questions you have and to keep the process moving forward in a timely fashion. 

Closing time

So it's now closing time and your getting super excited. Just a few more items we need to clear before the keys are turned over and a new chapter in life begins. Contact utilities (phone, water, power etc.) Final walk through to make sure the home is in acceptable condition. Obtain a cashiers check for down payment and closing cost... meet you at the closing.

Why use me?

Because I just gave you a bunch of free information. Oh, did I mention my services are 100% free to you with no brokerage fees? Well, it's true, my commission is paid by the seller at the time of closing, not by you the buyer. So feel free to use and abuse me.

New homes for sale hit the market daily. As your agent, I'm in regular contact with sellers and other real estate agents to ensure you see all the newest listings right away, whether or not they're made public. There are times when my customers can put in offers with little or no competition and walk away with an impressive deal on the property of their choice. As your agent, I will also make sure you see only the properties that meet your needs and investment preferences so that you don't spend time on listings that aren't for you. I'll provide you with important information about the home, its neighborhood, zoning issues, utilities, and nearby plans for development.

Many real estate transactions include an extensive negotiating process, and as your buyer's agent, I will arm you with the information needed to put you in the driver's seat.  I'll attend property inspections as needed, make sure any and all agreed-on repair work is carried out. I'll handle paperwork related to the sale. I help set up the financing for your home purchase, and work directly with the lender to provide you with a seamless service package.

I'm here to save you time and money on your home purchase and add professional assurance to every step of the process. So let's get started now.  

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