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With a super hot housing market here in Jacksonville many out of state buyers lose out on the perfect home. I have tons of buyers who tell me they want to see the home when they arrive in town only to discover it's gone. The number of days a home is on the market in our area has continued to decrease as a result of less inventory. And as we both know less inventory leads to higher home prices. Unlike the national average, our home prices have increased about 10% from 12 months ago. What was $200k last year is now $220.

Is there a risk involved in purchasing a home sight unseen, sure there is but I'm here to help with the process. All our home listings provide aerial shots of the community and location. I can also provide additional data like percentage

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Jacksonville, FL - No Problem Renee!

Our first outing we found you the perfect home in Ponte Vedra, no problem. Multiple offers, no problem, you win. Great lender, Brian with Fidelity Bank, great rate, great service, no problem. Closing on schedule without delay, no problem. Renee, thanks for letting the Round Table Realty Team be a part of your new home purchase. We love you!


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Thanks Jeff and Kristie,

for winning a multiple offer short sale home on the water. I love buyers who understand that a list price is just that, a list price. When you guys heard there were other buyers interested in the same property you realized bidding list price wasn't going to get you into your new home. You then bid what you felt the home was worth to you and won the bid. You guys were great to work with, enjoy the water front and your new pool.



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When is it summer time in Jacksonville and Jacksonville Beach? Can you tell by the temperature, by the swim suits, by the big smiles on everyone's face? Maybe, but there's another way. The official opening of the beaches starts Saturday April 28th with a sand castle building competition and Sunday with the  opening of the beaches parade at 2pm that include floats, marching bands, cheerleading team stunts and tons of fun. If you have never experienced the opening don't miss it this year. For more information check out

Imagine stepping out of your front door and enjoying the sun, sand, water and year round events at the beaches. Atlantic Beach, Neptune Beach, Jacksonville Beach or Ponte Vedra Beach

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